Interesting Facts about the Movie

The current length of the movie is 85 minutes.

The screenplay was written over a a 1 year period.

Previsualization took 9 months.

Modeling and texturing took about 6 months.

Animation took about 2 years.

Final renders are in high definition.

Rendering final shots started well over a year ago and still continues.

There are over 1000 shots.

The longest shot is a continuous 1 minute 16 seconds shot.

The shortest shot is 8 frames long.

The renderfarm started with 3 dual core computers. They have now been replaced with 4 quad core computers.

Each rendering computer is equipped with 2 gigs of ram.

The maximum amount of polygons rendered for a single shot is 1.9 million polygons.

Every shot is rendered using a simulated physical camera using true depth-of-field.