Questions & Answers
I get a lot of emails asking me questions about the movie, but I am still really busy actually finishing the movie. So instead of answering every single question personally, I will be posting the questions and answers on this page when I can. Names and email addresses will not be posted, only the questions. Questions may also be re-worded to cover multiple questions.

If you would like to ask any questions or contact me, use the Contact page.

When is the release date? Where and how can I see it?
The movie is currently being submitted to several film festivals. I'll be sure to post an update on when and where the screenings will happen. Stay tuned...
What software did you use?
Since I used to work in the VFX industry, I felt comfortable using the same standard software that most big VFX studios use, like Maya. I really have to give a special thanks to Feeling Software for Nima and also to AGEIA for their PhysX engine.
What difficulties have you been facing while making the film?
Well, creative stuff aside, I really think the hardest part about making a feature length movie is getting through the massive number of shots. I set up a pipeline/method that allowed me to animate easily, and pretty much all of the lighting in the movie uses similar setups, just different colors and intensities. The difficult part was when it came time to render the shot. Some shots just had too many polygons to render and I was limited by using 32 bit software. So some of those shots took about 1-4 hours of work just to get it to render. Multiply that by 1000 shots and that's a lot of time and headache.
Other than that, the action scenes have been really tough. Mostly because the amount of shots per minute becomes a lot higher than normal scenes. There were times where I would work all day and only come out with 4 seconds done.
Have you thought about releasing a sort of training dvd after the movie is done based on what you've learned through this wonderful experience?
Not yet. I'm still focused on the task at hand, which is finishing the movie. Maybe when I get more free time.